Coffee for Health

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More reasons to drink coffee…

 Coffee can help you live a longer and healthier life - Coffee contains lots of antioxidants (it's the biggest source of antioxidants in an average Western diet!) that help the body fight chemicals called “free radicals.” As a result, coffee drinkers are at a lower risk of diseases such as Parkinson’s Disease, Type II Diabetes, and Heart Disease. 

  • Studies have shown that drinking caffeine can increase your metabolism 3 to 11%. It’s one of the few chemicals that can actually help with fat burning. 

  • Coffee has been found to decrease the risk of the alcohol-related liver disease cirrhosis, which can cause cancer and liver failure. One study found that "for each cup of coffee they drank per day, participants were 22 percent less likely to develop alcoholic cirrhosis." Although not directly linked to alcohol recovery, a more recent study from Italy concluded that drinking coffee can reduce the chances of liver cancer by 40 percent, while drinking three or more cups a day could reduce the risk by 50 percent.

  • Caffeine improves your performance when working out. Caffeine increases your levels of adrenaline, and releases fatty acids from fat tissues, leading to a better physical performance by those who consume caffeine before working out.



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